Culture is our reason for being.


The field of culture, along with those sectors related to it, comes with its own per se connotations which differentiate it from other professional activities. This reality has resulted in cultural activity coming to have a specific  legal treatment. 

Both specifities, the professional and the legal, have in practice generated the need for experts specializing in offering services and providing the solutions necessary, and at the same time essential, in order that the cultural sector may act with guarantees of success. 


We are a team of experts specializing in intellectual and industrial property, advertising, telecommunications, free competition law and new technologies for the spreading of cultural products.

Our team offrers specialist services with an international outlook.


The services that are listed below are merely a summary, and should not be taken to be an exhaustive list of those that may be provided. We aim to offer answers to professionals in the cultural field with regard to any legal gaps and loopholes.

These services cover the mercantile, civil, fiscal and labour-reated aspects that may derive from the object of intellectual, industrial and telecommunications property. Similarly, the services listed cover legal advice at an international and European level, in particular with respect to European Union law.